Freight Lifts, Tooling & Material Lifts and Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors in Detroit, MI

Vehicle Reciprocating Conveyor Installation Detroit MI

AME For Industry is a material handling equipment supplier providing vertical lifting solutions for facilities in Detroit and the surrounding area. We are a division of AME Vertical, headquartered in Troy, Michigan. At AME For Industry, our specialty is assessing your space utilization issues and offering specific solutions focused on each exact end user.

Our team of experienced designers/planners are excellent resources for the standard warehouse build out, or redesign. From high-density storage systems and working platforms to the design and build of massive mezzanine structures equipped with lockers, lifts, fencing, electrical and fire suppression, AME offers unique space-saving solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Cost-Effective Space-Saving Solutions Customized for Your Facility

Typical VRC applications include:

  • Distribution Centers - Integration into automated vertical conveyor systems, sortation systems
  • Manufacturing or Assembly Plants - Moving pallets, carts, totes, Bins, picking and kitting operations
  • Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Moving materials in process, drums, tanks, nagged materials
  • Printing Operations - Moving paper rolls, die boards, plates, printed materials in process
  • Automotive - Moving stored parts, dealership stock rooms
  • Schools - Moving stored supplies, tables, chairs, sports equipment, band equipment
  • Theatres - Moving stage equipment, sets, costumes
  • Government and Military Facilities - Moving stored equipment and supplies
  • Self Storage Facilities - Moving tenant's property
  • Retail & Mercantile - Moving stock, incoming materials, displays, fixtures
  • Airports - Luggage and baggage handling
  • Hotels & Resorts - moving stored supplies, tables, chairs, housekeeping supplies and materials
  • Casinos - Moving moneyboxes, gaming equipment, supplies, tables, chairs
  • Country Clubs - Moving stored supplies, tables, chairs, golf clubs, golf carts, banquet equipment
  • Restaurants, Bars, & Taverns - Moving supplies, food, tables, chairs, banquet supplies, beverages

Vertical Freight Conveyors (VRCs) in Detroit, MI -- Custom Designed by Mechanical & Electrical Engineers

Freight Lifts Detroit MI

Our VRC's are not freight elevators, but conveyors included under the scope of a national consensus safety standard ANSI/ASME B20.1 (Conveyors and Related Equipment). Our VRC's are safer than using a forklift truck or manpower to move materials between levels and are less costly to operate and maintain than elevators.

Whether you need the simplicity of a single-level hydraulic model, or the faster, continuous operation of a mechanical multi-level unit, our complete line of VRC's will meet your specific load, height and speed requirements. Our 3,000-pound lifts are excellent for auto dealerships and light warehousing applications or you we can design a lift to accommodate 10,000+ pounds for your heavy-weight jobs. Our VRC solutions include:

  • Overload Detection Systems
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • Hydraulic Cantilever Lifts
  • Hydraulic Straddle Lifts
  • Mechanical Lifts
  • Mechanical 4-Post Lifts
  • Mechanical Cantilever Lifts
  • Mechanical Straddle Lifts
  • Delta Series Lifts (Entry Level)
  • Cantilever Carriages
  • Knockdown Carriages
  • Straddle Carriages
  • Gates & Enclosures

Hydraulic Lift vs. Mechanical Lift

Hydraulic Lift:

  • Best suited for single-level usage and low frequency cycle rates
  • Pros: Lower initial costs
  • Pros: Dual cylinder lifting systems provide redundancy
  • Pros: Over-speeds are avoided by velocity fuses
  • Cons: Units may begin to drift with wear
  • Cons: Limited duty cycle rates of approximately 20 operations per hour
  • Cons: Greater maintenance, due to nature of hydraulics
  • Cons: Ground plus one stop service only
  • Hydraulic pump units are tested prior to shipping
  • Partial pre wiring of pump unit to the control panel is available

Mechanical Lift:

  • Best suited for multi-level use, faster speeds and high frequency cycle rates
  • Pros: Long service life. Roller chains last a long time
  • Pros: Stops accurately, which allows multi-level use
  • Pros: Synchronized chains permit extra wide carriages
  • Pros: Faster speeds, typically 30 FPM
  • Pros: High cycle rate. Great for automation applications
  • Cons: Higher initial costs, due to the additional wiring
  • Can provide custom controls

When it comes to high-quality, space-saving storage systems, AME For Industry can offer custom solutions for your facility's needs. Take your storage to the next level by contacting AME today for a consultation!

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